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Flowers & plants 🌷

Begonia Maculata

De cyclaam, hoe nepper en feller de kleur hoe beter.

Begonia Maculata, oooh...

So cute with the dots, right? 'Maculata' really means spotted, but the spots look like dots, so fun. Very decorative, I might try one again, but they are so sensitive to aphids, a shame...

Begonia Escargot

Kersenbloesem, zo prachtig

In the other begonia illustration I added a 'begonia escargot', so here it is a bit bigger.

Nephentes thorelli

Roos, rosa.

The 'nephentes thorelli', a flesh eating plant that comes in many different colours. Look up the 'jacqueline' variety, for instance, gorgeous. It was quite a thing to draw this, but I think it turned out okay.


De cyclaam, hoe nepper en feller de kleur hoe beter.

The cyclamen, the brighter the better, I love bold colours.

The cyclamen, the brighter the better, I love bold colours.

Cherry blossom

Kersenbloesem, zo prachtig
Cherry blossom, always beautiful to see, especially if there are lots of trees.


Roos, rosa.
The rose, fragrant and beautiful. I am trying a few ones in the garden, I hope they will live long and prosper.

table with pots & plates

Illustratie met potten en planten

I created this one because I had explained how to draw plates with just one single circle with a gradient fill. That made me draw this after class. And of course, I kept adding stuff...

The fun thing is: students can already draw everything in this illustration after three Adobe Illustrator lessons. Of course, they will need time to let things sink in, but it's so nice to see they can already do so much after so little time. They do need to practise but well, I give them lots of homework so they usually do fine.

Hawaii palm

Hawaii palm
The Hawaiian palm, a very friendly modest palm that is being protected and can be purchased in some garden centres.

Taro plant


The kalo, a plant that likes to be inside and that likes warmer temperatures.

The lotus


Of course, this is the lotus. Coating has been developed that is based on the lotus, you can use it on buildings and othr surfaces to make them easy to clean, and stay clean! The scientist Barthlott has done research on this.



One of my favourite flowers: the poppy. When I was small, seeing them on the side of the road was the sign we were getting closer to France. My mother would always be concerned, telling us to not lie down near them or we would never ever EVER wake up again.


Just a fun decoration I used for different designs. I felt like drawing it.


Monstera deliciosa, een van mijn lievelingsplanten.

Monstera Deliciosa, one of my favourite plants. The name is fun, too; 'delicious monster'. The amount of holes they develop depend on the light they get. The darker the place, the less holes they develop.

What's more, in the wild they even bear fruit! The entire plant is toxic, but you can eat those fruits, hence the 'deliciosa' because them seem to be delicious.