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More food related stuff

A pea on a plate

Boerenbont plate

A pea set on a plate. Actually, this plate motif is a very well known one in the Netherlands, it's called 'Boerenbont'. It suddenly reminds me of my grandmother's plates. What were they like, I can't remember, I have to see what I can do!


Koffie met een koekje

Coffee and a cookie.
Just because it's nice.

Milk bottles

Melkfles met verschillende kleuren achtergrond.
Milk bottle with differently coloured backgrounds, just because I like that, it's nice to experiment with colour.


Dessert kommen die mijn moeder van haar baas kreeg.

This bowl is one from a set of three. It was given to my parents when they married, given to them by my mother's boss in Paris. He was some kind of duke, so a posh man 😊. I never met him.


Stroh rum in een fles.

Stroh rum, oh jeez I have a story about that. But I won't tell it. It is a bit longish. But it makes me laugh now that I think about this again.

Tomato soup


Tomato soup on a plate. This one makes my students wonder how on earth they can create such a design. But it's simple. I teach them the tools for the job in just four Illustrator lessons.

A bottle of beer

Een bierflesje, had ik gewoon zin in.

A bottle of beer, because I felt like drawing it.

Old design plate


A plate with a very Dutch Dish: pea soup. It is a thick soup with saucage named 'knakworst' in it, it's lightly smoked. But it can also be served with a vegetarian variation or without meat or vegetarian substitute at all. BUTTT now about that plate: the soup may be so very Dutch, but the plate is actually a Belgian design; from Boch. It is already quite old.

My grandmother's plate

Het bord van oma

Look, I was doing plates, right? And there it was: my grandmother's plate! I found it and decided to draw it.

I remember that when I was about three years old, I was trying to prick the beans because I thought they were real. And later, when I was about four, I pricked them again and realized 'Ah yes, they weren't real' and I felt a bit ashamed, hoping no one had seen me doing it.

Cupcake for student

Een cup cake voor een cursiste

Okay, I know: this is food. It should be in the 'food' section, right? But no. I feel this should be in the 'drawings' because I used to draw one for birthdays of people I knew and then personalise them. This one is for a former student who attended the Illustrator education.



Just a lot of chocolate. I would always prefer the dark chocolate, my brothers and sisters were more of the milky persuasion.

maybe soon

Maybe soon