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Portraits 👩

My mother

Ma maman

My mother, she loves her cappucino & knitting, her children and now, even her grandchildren.


Mijn geliefde Okki  💖

My cat Okki. He really belongs in the Portrait section.

I felt he was sick half a year before the doctors saw it on the MRI's. He had surgery twice and survived a melanoma in his nose (they have never had a case like this in the wold) for two years, after which the vet gave him flee medication for dogs by mistake. He died on July 27 2017.


Another one of my students, from Lithuania, she is a great person.

Another one of my students, from Lithuania, she is a great person. Plus I thought she would look great in a kimono. And then I added tea. And mount Fuji rolled out of my brush. To my surprise, she later went to Japan, actually did get to wear a kimono and... had a tea ceremony. I can only dream...

Wow, Japan always seemed like the best place to go because I wouldn't understand anything and would have to reinvent myself.


This man recorded the song my father wanted to hear before he died and that could be found nowhere

This man recorded the song my father wanted to hear before he died and that could be found nowhere. I only heard my father cry twice in his life. This was the last time.


Kathrin, one of my students

Kathrin, one of my students. She loves colour and Mexico and brought me three lovely colourful bowls, they bring the sunshine in.

Kathrin, Mexican style

Kathrin, alternate versions because she loves Mexico so much

And again, Kathrin, with an alternate version because she loves Mexico so much.


And yet another student of mine.

And yet another student of mine: Yisa. I have know her for quite a few years and she still sends me birthday cards, how sweet is that?!


Vangelis portrait

Yet another one of my students. He used this portrait for a long time! He wanted to bribe me with super tasty Greek tea to pass his exam. Sorry but no 😼 But the tea was awsome!


One of my students.

One of my students. Many of the students come from a different country, this one is from Bulgaria.


Wat zal ik tekenen?

One day, as a child, I had no idea what to do and was bored, which is quite rare. I went downstairs and asked my mother "What shall I do? I am so bored..." She suggested I did some drawing, just when I thought that I would do some drawing.

My reaction was 'No, I don't want to do that, I really don't feel like that! So bad...

Portrait drawings

I draw 'per head': the portrait contains one person unless you order 'multiple heads'. In that case, people can be combined.

I don't draw complete bodies but if you like; this is possible of course! Ask for the price.

I add extra objects to make the portrait extra personal: this makes the result more interesting and endearing. You can send objects and of course tell me your ideas and stories so I can use them: I love to hear them.


Per head
€ 500 excludingBTW (BTW is 21%)

What you get
You will receive a print of the portrait on beautiful material: this way you can frame it in any type of frame you like and don't have to accept a frame from me. Everyone has their own preferences and you may like to get a simple frame, or a more ornate one.