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My Illustration thingums

This modest little website started so simple but is turning into a more extensive and personal thing. I just wanted to put some nice drawings on one page for good energy. Done. But it quickly changed and I had to split the categories and even create an English version because erm, well, I simply drew 'too much'. And then I added text, so things are clearly slowly blowing up. But in a fun way, I think. Should I add a blog??? That would be okay since as a teacher, I am used to explaining things. But I can talk a lot. Hm...
In any case: the main ingredient of this website currently is illustrations with some text.

Hmmm... drawing!

On the beach with a bicycle


I have been drawing ever since I was a child. On paper, napkins, beer coasters, television guides and other material: anything that would allow me to draw.

In the nineties I went to the Graphic Design School and learned how to use Adobe Illustrator. That was quite a different way to work that was not well explained at the time, but I remember leaving thinking 'I think it could be a lot of fun...'


So I kept that up.
I have been using Illustrator enthusiastically for years now. I use it to create commissioned work: logo's, free illustrations, book covers and even portraits.

I still draw for fun, too. This website contains a sort of overview of illustrations I created. Because I would love to make a living drawing portraits, you can find some pricing on the portraits page as well.

Want to learn how to draw too?

I do drawing classes with different materials, but digital drawing classes too. This was always done word of mouth, but well, why not add this on this website, I suddenly wondered.

Pencil, ink, charcoal, acquarel and ecoline
You learn how to create drawings of objects, but portraits, too. You learn how to pay attention to dark, light, contrast and shape. Of course understanding perspective is part of it, and learning about positive and negative space.
The lessons take place in Amsterdam.
Bring your own material to class: you will need this to practise at home, after all. You will be told what to bring each lesson so you can get started right away. Let me know if you want to join: send me an

€ 25 per 2 hours lesson.

Digital drawing

For this you have two choices.

This allows you to create very sharp drawings and illustrations like the ones on this website.

You can use Adobe Photoshop if you prefer to create more 'drawn' or 'painted' effects.

You won't learn that per lesson, instead you learn it in a complete course that includes six lessons. You learn how to use Illustrator from scratch, or Photoshop of course (or both, if you want to make terrific combinations) and will get started with drawing very quickly. The Photoshop course is not an image editing course: it really focusing on drawing and painting instead. If you want to combine photos with your own art, you're way better off learning Photoshop from scratch to understand more about it and to help you do exactly that. Let me know if you want to join: send me an

€ 700 per complete course.


Like it? Curious? Would you like to order an illustration or ask a question? Do it, just send me an .